"Mga Paru-Parong Rosas" (Pink Butterflies)



      “Mga Paru-parong Rosas” is a full-length digital film that is a remarkable collaboration between multi award-winning cinematographer Romy Vitug and British-Filipino director Jowee Morel.

      Romy Vitug is known for his numerous citations and awards from all award-giving bodies in the country such as FAMAS, Film Academy of the Philippines, URIAN, Star Awards, Young Critics Circle, Manila Film Festival, and the MMFF. “Mga Paru-parong Rosas” is Vitug’s first full-length independent film to show his unwavering support to independent digital film makers in his efforts of enlivening Philippine Cinema’s digital revolution.

      The film is directed by Jowee Morel. Among his works are “EC2LUV,” a full length-thriller, and “MOMA,” a short digital film. “Mga Paru-parong Rosas” also introduces new breed of actors like Nerison Miranda, Dense Modesto, Erika Raffai, and Hestia Himongala.

      “Mga Paru-parong Rosas” mirrors the life of the marginalized members of society. It is a different kind of story of love, commitment, passion, promiscuity, and deceit. It unleashes the harsh realities of how society sees people of the gay persuasion. The film revolves around two women, who suffer the consequences of their respective husbands’ burning passion for each other, who in turn find love and security in each one’s forbidden embrace. The men choose to leave the world of reality and build their own where their love reigns. Theirs is an ill-fated affair that is above human laws, above their family’s will and beyond society’s standards.

      Each of them has only one goal: To be free so they can find true happiness. They all have their differences. They all have their own angst, and they all have their reasons why they continue to live, to fight back and to love…